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We recently published a letter to the editor praising two comic strips, B.C. and the Wizard of Id. The writer was a veteran who was pleased that on Veterans Day his two favorite comic strips saluted veterans.
B.C. was created the Johnny Hart, who died in 2007. His daughters and grandchildren have taken over the strip.
Hart also created the Wizard of Id, with Brant Parker. Parker’s son Jeff and Jeff’s wife Nicole now produce the Wizard of id along with Hart’s grandsons.
The letter inspired another writer to rank all 22 of The Desert Sun’s comic strips. We invite you to do the same. Email your comments to letters@thedesertsun.com

Here’s the latest letter:

Recently a letter praising two comics (for political reasons) in The Desert Sun appeared. Here is my ranking of the current comics featured daily, with brief (non-political) comments.

1. Bizarro, almost always excellent.

2. Pardon my Planet, excellent.

3. Non Sequitur, wry, sardonic.

4. Baby Blues, delightful.

5. Zits, clever.

6. Dilbert, reliable.

7. The Middletons, good.

8. Blondie, never out of style.

9. Garfield, inconsistent.

10. Shoe, usually good.

11. B.C., can be repetitive.

12. The Wizard of Id, sometimes good.

13. Hazel, outdated ’50s style.

14. Dennis the Menace, redundant.

15. The Born Loser, not funny.

16. Pearls before Swine, too smug.

17. The Family Circus, too childish.

18. Peanuts, outdated.

19. Get Fuzzy, narcissistic.

20. Marvin, cute but inane.

21. Freshly Squeezed, a horrible strip.

22. Mutts, not worth even a glance.

I hope other readers will submit their own rankings, or The Desert Sun will conduct some sort of poll, as I regularly read only half the comics, and some are just too inane to even glance at. The selection could be vastly improved.

Applewhite Minyard, Indio