Annoying voters to death

The timing on this letter to the editor is awkward, but I’d bet a lot of Coachella Valley residents will agree with M. Johnson of Palm Springs:

“I really hope Dr. Raul Ruiz does not get elected, but Rep. Mary Bono Mack’s ads are so obnoxious, annoying and excessive I’m almost ready to vote for him. If Ruiz wins, he can thank Bono Mack for her horrible campaign ads. If she loses she should know she shot herself in the foot by annoying us to death.”

“If they could take all the money wasted everywhere on this election they could cure the national debt.

“Campaign ads should be limited to one month before the election. Let people actually read the information and not just listen to the lies.

“Now, retailers — please, please, please give us a break and don’t start your Christmas ads until at least Thanksgiving.”