Salute to a brave local soldier

For the past several months, Desert Sun editors have received email alerts from the Department of Defense.
Most are easy to ignore — Secretary Leon Panetta’s latest remarks and flag officer assignments. But I always check the ones that say “DOD Identifies Army Casualty” or “DOD Identifies Marine Casualty” right away. We need to know as soon as possible if it’s a local resident or one based at Twentyine Palms — so you’ll know as soon as possible.
An email box pops up on the lower right corner of my computer screen and it takes only a second to check. I get several of these each week.
When there’s not a local connection, I breathe a silent sigh of relief — although the loss of any American defending our country deserves at least a mournful moment.
This week, an email announced the death of Suresh Krause of Cathedral City. He was the pilot of a Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan.
Tomorrow’s Desert Sun editorial will salute this brave soldier. Please share your thoughts at